The Alliance has compiled a number of resources available for survivors, their friends and families, and professionals assisting survivors in New York City.

Issue Focus: Child Sexual Abuse

Terms You Should Know
Child sexual abuse is when a child is used for sexual gratification by an older child, adolescent or adult. It may or may not involved physical contact (i.e., the taking of pornographic photographs). Incest refers to sexual activity between family members, or someone who may not be a related family member but is seen as part of the family. Adults sexually abused as children refers to adults with a past history of child sexual abuse. Non-offending parents usually refers to the parent that did not commit the crime against their child.

The following is a roundup of resources on The Alliance site relating to child sexual abuse:

Survivors & Friends
New York State Laws

The Alliance Resource Guide
Child / Adolescent Programs

NCVC "Get Help" Bulletins for Teens
Chid Sexual Abuse

NCVC "Get Help" General Information
Child Sexual Abuse
Crimes Against Children
Missing Children
School Crime: K-12
School-Based Victim Services
Violence Involving Youth

NCVC "Get Help" Legislative Topics
Child Victims and the Law
Extensions of the Criminal & Civil Statutes of Limitations in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
Special Provisions for Children in the Criminal Justice System

NCVC "Get Help" Safety Plans
Safety Tips for Children: Grades K-5
Safety Tips for Children: Sexual Assault
Safety Tips for Parents

NCVC "Get Help" Stalking
Stalking Safety Plan Guidelines

New York Civil Liberties Union
NYCLU Legal FAQ for Minors

OVC Help Series
Child Abuse Victimization
What You Should Know About Child Abuse (For Children Ages 6Ė11)
What You Should Know About Child Abuse (For Teenagers Ages 12-16)

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Group holding Borough President Stringerís Proclamation