The Alliance has compiled a number of resources available for survivors, their friends and families, and professionals assisting survivors in New York City.

Rape Crisis Training Institute

Upcoming Trainings

  • RCTI #1 (August 7th): Building Capacity for Collaboration: A Primary Prevention Approach to Coalition Building
  • RCTI #2 (October 8th): Assessing Communities' Needs through Participatory Action Research
  • RCTI #3 (March 09): Building Community Resources for Primary Prevention: A Community Activist Training
  • RCTI #4 (May 09): Evaluating the findings from the community needs assessments

Archived Trainings

About the RCTI

The Rape Crisis Training Institute is a joint venture between the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault and the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault and is funded by the New York State Department of Health. The RCTI aims to provide access to organizational capacity-building training; meet the specific needs of both the programs and the populations they serve in urban, suburban and rural settings; provide all Rape Crisis Centers with the maximum possible access to all of the trainings statewide; present new resources and strategies to understand the cultural frameworks and needs of all the survivors that they may potentially serve. [Read more]

Technical Assistance

The Training Department offers technical assistance and program development support to all hospitals interested in raising the level of care provided to victims of sexual assault in their facilities, from reviewing policies and procedures to ensure the minimum required services are being provided to assisting with the formal development of a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner program. [Read more]


The following publications have been developed to assist hospitals that are considering, or have already begun, developing a sexual assault examiner programs; or to provide additional resources in advocating for the importance of these vital programs. [Read more]
Manhattan Borough President Stringer with Denim Day supporters
Manhattan Borough President Stringer with Denim Day supporters