The Alliance has compiled a number of resources available for survivors, their friends and families, and professionals assisting survivors in New York City.

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Alliance announcements are now available via an RSS feed. Just point your newsreader to

What Is an RSS News Feed?

If you can't stand the idea of missing out on the latest news, an RSS news feed may be the answer.

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Using very simple, easy-to-use, free or low-cost software, you can have all the headlines on topics that interest you delivered to your desktop for free. When you see something interesting, click the headline and you'll be whisked to the originating Web site, typically within a built-in browser. With RSS you no longer have to visit your favorite Web site several times a day to find out the latest news; you simply open up your newsreader and see all the site's headlines without ever leaving your desktop software.

You can even get "aggregrated" news feeds on a particular topic, in which headlines are delivered to you from a variety of sources.

Where can I get an RSS reader?

News readers can pop up new announcements right on your desktop. A fairly complete list of available readers, some of which are free, can be found in the Yahoo Directory: News Aggregators listing. PCWorld.com's Downloads library also offers a collection of RSS readers.

At the Alliance, we use the free SharpReader.